New Coffees & Holiday Stuff & Housekeeping.

Hey Whitehorse! Michael with Firebean Coffee Roasters, I hope you’re having a great fall. And thanks again for supporting small scale local!

Some quick changes to note…

I am in the process of switching our labels. The names of our Bushfire Blend, Fireweed Blend and Inferno will all change. Bushfire to Colombia, Fireweed to Mexico, and Inferno to Dark Roast. I want to highlight the origin and offer more options in the future. This streamlines that process. The colours of the packing will stay the same so you can quickly spot what you want. Same ethically sourced coffee and roast profiles.

In addition to this I am excited to add two new coffees to the team. A beautiful crowd pleaser from GUATEMALA (its already out at Wykes and Midnight Sun Emporium - look for a blue label) and a bright and juicy light roast KENYAN by mid December

If you have any question about the changes please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Soon the holiday coffee season will be ramping up. Whitehorse booms with craft shows from now until the new year, its absolutely insane and I applaud all small scale crafters! I am excited to be back at the 12 Days of Christmas hosted by the Fireweed Market Association at the Kwanlin Dunn Cultural Centre in December. If you need anything for gifts before this please get in touch.

The Firebean Counter on Main is kicking! if you haven’t heard we have partnered with Midnight Sun Emporium on Main Street to offer you coffee. They serve Firebean Coffee all day everyday for a dollar a cup (if you bring your own mug) and $1.25 otherwise. You can also grab a bag of beans, or shirts or mugs there too!

Finally, you can order Firebean Coffee Online (for local pickup or I can ship it to your friends and family abroad. (Don’t forget the discount code “YUKON10” for a 10% discount.

Have a good one!