Whitehorse to San-Francisco by Bike!

I’ve never been on a real bike tour. Only the Firebean Journey!

I admire the folks that ride across the country with just the essentials strapped to their bikes. I imagine it’s challenging and exciting and full of adventure and freedom. I liken it to operating a pedal-powered Coffee Roastery in Northern Canada.

To date we have pedaled a total of 4000 stationary km’s (that’s the equivalent of Whitehorse to San-Fransisco). If you have purchased a bag, told our story or brought your family and friends to our Fireweed Market tent then you’ve been part of the ride! THANK YOU!

I grew up with bikes laying around, mostly garage sale finds my dad would bring home and fix up. With young families on our cul-de-sac and a total of 9 boys to ride with there were many races, time trials and rolling things attached to bikes to pass the summer days - old school play.

Using a bike to craft coffee is just as much fun. (save minus 40 roasts, and maybe Northern shipping charges) I feel grateful for the opportunity to play and work at the same time, inspire others to find and practice their craft and contribute to our community in a positive way.

Here’s to the next 4000km!


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